Monday, December 28, 2009

Long Overdue Update

SO! After quite some time, here's a short update of some things I've been doing lately. First up is a pastillage box with marzipan fruits and a royal icing peacock using the flooding technique. I also attempted lace for the first time, and it turned out pretty well! Although this piece is kind of cool, to me it seems like a lot of elements that dont necessarily belong together, have been thrown together. So having said that, enjoy the elements separately as they're not really meant to be together, but more of a practice! (I'm quite proud of my fruits though, my pear looked so realistic!)

I work at a small cookie shop called Robyn's Cookies, and once in a while we make cupcakes! These cupcakes were exceptionally fun to make, because I was able to make and decorate some tiny reindeer and gingerbread men. Tiny is always better! They were so cute! The buttercream icing was piped on with a star tip, and then rolled in coloured sugar. Pretty nifty effect I must say, my boss is very creative!

Here is something that I'm very very proud of. It is a chocolate covered marshmallow snowman! I made the marshmallow myself with the help of a friend named Will, and it tasted absolutely heavenly! Next i cut out one large circle and one small circle, and impaled them respectively on a candy stick. They were dipped in chocolate (oh yes, I can temper chocolate!!!) and decorated with silver balls for a sleek finish! These went in my christmas baskets this year, along with gingerbread boys and girls, as well as shortbread, sugar cookies, and of course truffles!

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandma's Birthday Cake and Sculpting Competition

In this entry I have a few things to update. I placed in the top ten for a cake sculpting competition at school! Also I'm going to post some pictures of a cake I made for my grandma for her birthday, as well as a calculator cake that I made for my boyfriend for his graduation.

The competition consisted of two days of sculpting madness and it nearly drove us all insane! While I was satisfied with my final product I know that my fondant could have been a lot cleaner, and I could have put more thought into how i sculpted the head. Having said that, it should be noted that my cake went missing on the morning of the second day of the competition, and I had to start over! SO for a cake made in about 6 hours, I'm pretty pleased with the results! The competition cake is a peacock.

The cake that I made for my grandma is a flower basket with a fairy sitting in it. She loves fairies and flowers, so I thought I'd try my hand at some gumpaste flowers for the ocassion. I had never made them before, and they were pretty difficult, but with some practice I'm sure i'll get the hang of it! I really enjoyed making the carnations, the ruffles on the petals were difficult at first, but became easier as I went along.

The calculator was just a simple little congratulations to my boyfriend Henry, who has been slaving away at school and just graduated last week! Hooray for Henry! It was modeled after the calculator he used all through university. Now on to bigger and better things, congratulations honey!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, and I promise to make bigger and better cakes for next time!


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Up to this point I've made a few things here and there that I thought I'd post just to give a little preview of what's to come! Hope you enjoy!


An Introduction

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll take this first post to introduce myself. I'm Emily, a student at George Brown studying Baking and Pastry Arts. On the side, I experiment with different types of specialty baking such as gluten free or vegan recipes. I also attempt to decorate cakes using as many different mediums available to me, piping, sculpting and painting are just a few!

This blog will be a spot for me to share stories and photos about the cakes and pastries I'll be making over the last year of school, and much much more. Hope you'll enjoy!