Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Cake and Flowers

So here is my finished cake, complete with little birdie toppers! I do indeed like to make little figurines, they're so cute! Even though a lot of people were skeptical about my cake for the past 2 weeks at school, I've received so many compliments, and I'm thrilled to say that I've finally succeeded in allowing my vision to come to life! This is the start of something great, I'm so excited!!!!

The whole premise of my cake was about a couple that loves nature. Picture yourself in a clearing in the woods, where flowers surround you and the sun shines down as you commit your love to your partner. It's fun, and the colour palette is very unique.

When I look at my cake, I can see that in the future my work will impact the lives of others in a very positive way, and that's all I could ask for, to make others happy!

We were also required to make some flowers, and use petal dust to accentuate their features and make them more realistic. I'm pretty pleased with my roses, the colours are unconventional, but I like that about flowers. They can be any colour you want! The cala lillies I left white because I didn't realise I could make them into any colour as well. Today in a magazine I saw black ones, green ones with pink tips, so many! Martha Stewart Living has a very nice collection of roses for February which was pretty inspiring.

So there is my cake, and there are my flowers! Hope you like them!

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