Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suzanne Colmer/Jessica Dexter/Lea Ann Belter Event...and also.. DONE SCHOOL!

Finally, after 2 long years, I have finished school! I have completed George Brown's Baking and Pastry Arts Management program! I am officially capable of providing everyone, with scrumptious chocolates, cakes, pastries and confections! How wonderful is THAT!?!?!?

After a 3 day exam, I came home, and literally, ate my exam. It's still in the kitchen, so anyone who's around can come and try a Marjolaine pastry (hazlenut almond dacquoise, chocolate chiffon, chantilly cream, praline buttercream, ganache, ... and a few other layers!) OR a milk chocolate coffe rum truffle! Although most of the later are already in my tummy, they're rather amazing.

This Sunday I also attended "Colour, Shape and Texture" by Jessica Dexter who is a planner and consulter for weddings and events, and Suzanne Colmer who is a personal shopper, at Lea Ann Belter's Bridal shop, 785 Queen St E. Toronto. I have a picture of one of the confections I made, it is a chocolate shortbread sandwich cookie, and the "meat" in the middle is a delicious caramel!

The other part to my giveaway treat was a lemon flavoured petit fours, covered with white poured fondant and topped with a little pink spiral. Unfortunately no pictures of the petit fours made it into my hands, but rest assured, the delicious lemon curd and marzipan combination simply melt in your mouth and provided great contrast to the cookie!

The event itself was wonderful, with a colour analysis by Suzanne, and a fabulous giveaway draw by Jessica! My mom ended up winning some dazzling Swarovski earrings that she has promised to share, but I have a feeling she'll be hiding them away from me! Very lucky! There was also a fashion show where we learned how to choose the proper gown for our body types, so I'm pretty much all set to get married!

Other contributors included the Vintage Gardener, located in the Distillery District, represented by Dawn Marie who provided some gorgeous flower arrangements, Creative Classics Stationary & Invitations who provided some gorgeous thank you cards, and Cake Beauty, a makeup company who provided a delicious smelling smoothing hand & cuticle buffer.

The amazing swag bag was put together by Jessica, and it must be said that she did a fabulous job on the whole event! What a perfect girls day!

To cap off the day/weekend/semester, GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!! Good job Canada, most gold medals EVER at the winter Olympics! Unbelieveable!

'Till next time,

Pink Champagne all around! Cheers!

Jessica Dexter

Your Shop Girl, Suzanne Colmer
Vintage Gardener
Creative Classics
Cake Beauty

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