Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ryan's Call of Duty Plays Soccer birthday cake

Ryan, my cousin, has just had a birthday! To celebrate the event, I combined two of his favourite past times in entirely edible form. YUMMMM! Call of Duty (the video game) and soccer, are Ryan's FAVOURITE!

I love this cake because of the flow I got into while making it. I know it's a little rough around the edges, but that's how I like it! The guys took all week, and for some reason all came out with orange heads and hands. The camo colours however, turned out very well! You may notice that a net has been crashed into by the goalie! Just another of the crazy ideas that came out while making the cake, as I had no backup net. I had a lot of fun painting the expressions on their faces, and in the end it definetly looks like an "Emily" cake! I've had a very strange style of artistic expression since I was a kid. My friend Eileen once said, "I love how everything you make looks like it came out of you." SO never fear! If you want something authentically "Emily", OR if you want something completely different, I wont disappoint!

Next week: Bridal Shower Cake!

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