Sunday, March 28, 2010

Argyle Cake

You may remember that many posts back, Eileen suggested I try this cake. So I did! And here are the results:

I changed up the colours a bit to suit my likes a little better, but overall I think the same effect is achieved. Thanks Eileen!

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Cake

An Around the Clock bridal shower assigns each guest with a time of day, and their present must be related to that time. The cake shown here, was for an Around the Clock shower. OF COURSE it's a chocolate cake! (YUM) And at 12, 3, 6 and 9 I designed gumpaste items relating to the time of day to follow the theme. The clock is set at 1 minute to 12, where there is a wedding band and engagement ring, how very exciting! At 3 there is a coffee cup (look closely for the lipstick stain!), at 6 a dinner plate with a fork and knife, and at 9, the most sparkley pink high heeled sandal in the WORLD!

This cake was a lot of fun to work on, and it gave me an excuse to buy pink disco dust! EDIBLE SPARKLES! How fabulous is that?

Next week: Finally, the demo cake Eileen chose!

Coming weeks: April 11th from 1-5 is an open house party at my place where my mom will be showcasing new items from Silpada, a gorgeous line of jewlery. I'll be making a jewlery box cake for a raffle, and my mom will also be giving away a gift certificate for free jewlery of your choice! RSVP to if you'd like to join us for delicious snacks and fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise Nissan Cake

I decided to surprise my dad's dealership with a cake, because I got a new car! A 2010 Nissan Versa. Because they were so nice to me, and because this year is actually the 45th year the dealership has been in business (from my opa and co-owner Nick to my dad and co-owner Nicolas) I made the cake with a Datsun Fairlady, which was a type of Z model from 1965, with a 2010 370z beside it, and their respective dealership signs.

I sculpted the cars with rice krispies, and then painted them with liquor and food colour powder. As you can kind of see, the 370z came out a bit streaky, and that is because of the vodka. Darn vodka! Lesson learned!

Either way, I'm pretty proud of how the cake turned out! And I learned a wicked tip: when sculpting with rice krispies, use coating chocolate to stick pieces together, and then to smooth out the lumps. But make sure you brush an even coat of chocolate on with a good sturdy brush. :D


Up next: Sunday's Bridal Shower Cake

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ryan's Call of Duty Plays Soccer birthday cake

Ryan, my cousin, has just had a birthday! To celebrate the event, I combined two of his favourite past times in entirely edible form. YUMMMM! Call of Duty (the video game) and soccer, are Ryan's FAVOURITE!

I love this cake because of the flow I got into while making it. I know it's a little rough around the edges, but that's how I like it! The guys took all week, and for some reason all came out with orange heads and hands. The camo colours however, turned out very well! You may notice that a net has been crashed into by the goalie! Just another of the crazy ideas that came out while making the cake, as I had no backup net. I had a lot of fun painting the expressions on their faces, and in the end it definetly looks like an "Emily" cake! I've had a very strange style of artistic expression since I was a kid. My friend Eileen once said, "I love how everything you make looks like it came out of you." SO never fear! If you want something authentically "Emily", OR if you want something completely different, I wont disappoint!

Next week: Bridal Shower Cake!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bridgette's Wedding Cake

Tonight I completed my first wedding cake! The cake is very traditional, with several different shades of purple on 6 tiers. White royal icing piped decoration, completed with separated tiers and purple gumpaste flowrs.

"How long did it take?!?!" you may ask! Well, today alone, I spent 17 hours straight on it. WOOOO CAKE PARTY! I think in total, it must have taken at least 30 hours altogether. When it was all put together however, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! The best reward for me, is seeing the final product all together, complete, and beautiful. It turned out just as I wanted it to, and hopefully Bridgette (the bride) will feel the same way.

That is all for now! Next week: Ryan's birthday cake!