Monday, May 17, 2010

Something a Little Crazy

A pal of mine, Sarah, asked me many months ago if I could do a Christopher Walken face cake for her. So I thought, why not involve her in the process? SOOOO today, Sarah and I made a Christopher Walken cake! She did all the sculpting, and I helped her out with the fondant and finishing touches. Pretty snazzy for my first face cake I do think, and Sarah did an excellent job!

Pretty terrifying, I know!

(Note: I should point out, that I was an extra in Hairspray a few years ago, and I got to stand RIGHT BEHIND HIM as he danced some crazy dance. AAAAAAAAAAAND I got to wear the wig he wore in another scene. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY GREAT FORTUNE?? GREAT!)

We also made our friend Will a cake. He's just graduated from Chef School at George Brown (same as me! yay!) (except I was in pastry.) So we attempted one of those floppy chef's hats with a slew of delicious veggies and grilled chicken, all modeled out of modeling chocolate! The had of course, was the cake part. The floppyness is a little bit lost, because there's no head in it, alas! BUT there's a lot of delicious cake inside!

 What's next? WHO KNOWS!

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