Thursday, June 17, 2010

Martini Glass Cake

This cake was for three lovely ladies all celebrating their birthday this evening. Just something simple, with a martini glass for each of them! Martini glasses made from gumpaste. Also, a smack of EDIBLE GLITTER! Wicked awesome yes? Yes!


  1. Awesome, yes! Also tasty, I am eating some right now. What is it anyway? Chocolate obviously but what's the outside part?
    When I saw the thumbnail on your facebook I thought the martini glasses were vuvuzelas which made me "AHHHHH!" because that's my dad's new favourite word and remarkably he has been able to slip it into at least 5 sentences a day.

    Short version: Your cake is tasty, what is it? I am glad those are not vuvuzelas.

  2. looks real, so sweet, good job!

  3. Eileen, sometimes when you write things, it hurts my brain. Not always.... but there is a trend on my blog!


    It was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. The "outside part" is fondant with EDIBLE GLITTER! but the white part between the fondant and the cake, is just vanilla buttercream. It's better to use white, because it wont show through the fondant. TRICKY FONDANT!

    Thanks cccris!!!!

  4. This is yellow cake with buttercream icing. It was completely hand carved to represent the male torso, including pecks, abs, and navel. It was covered in a fresh layer of flesh colored fondant. Bakery Equipment


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