Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am on the hunt!

I'm searching for a storefront in the Toronto area, as business is doing well, and I'm ready to expand! Of course opening a shop is a challenge, but one that I'm prepared to accept!

Since I was in about grade 6, I've long dreamed of owning my own shop. A cafe, a bakery, a sandwich shop, but now I've landed on the delicious idea of CAKE!

But how to get started?

-Business plan
-Class at Bonnie Gordon's School of Cake Design
-Set up my shop!

So, in the coming months I'll be saving like crazy, searchig out equipment, and aiming to find the absolute perfect location to set up shop!
I've set up a fund to save for a mixer first. So far, I have $115.00! I'm about...$1100.00 away from my mixer! HOORAY! With each order, the fund grows, and my dreams come closer to fruition!

I've also set a deadline for myself, to open in March of 2011. So watch it grow! Soon enough, you can come down to the shop and check out all of the delicious cakes I'll be creating from scratch using premium ingredients.

Till then, stay tuned!!


  1. Emily your website is indeed the Bomb Diggety. Classtastic hahaha! And I can't believe you're really opening a store. You'll be the cake of the town bwaha. Good luck!

  2. To add onto what Dave said, three tiers for Emily! Once you're on a roll opening a store is a great way to make dough, as long as it's not a half-baked attempt. But becoming a breadwinner will be no cakewalk, I just hope working in a bakery won't leave you with a loathe of bread.

    Muffin more to say, I know these crumby buns are getting stale, butter it's just too easy to get a rise out of you. Ok, ok, I'll layer off if I moussed, but you'll at yeast knead to gateauver it.

    Duncan A. Biscuit

    P.S. Your website looks flantastic!

  3. Hey Emily
    cake shop or cafe or both??? need a partner in crime?

  4. MMMMMMaybe Kadie! Kadie from GBC? email me your thoughts! I'd love to know what you've planned.


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